To Our Beloved Community,

Thank you for visiting our web page. As you are surely aware, we at Congo Funeral Home are concerned with the Covid-19 Coronavirus outbreak. Helping you and your family to celebrate your loved one’s life, while protecting your family, your friends, and our staff is our utmost priority. In order to prevent the unintentional spread of the Coronavirus, Governor Carney has mandated that all gatherings, including funerals, are to include only 50 people or less. While we know this may be a burden for some families, we hope that you understand that this is necessary to get control and to protect us all, especially our children and the elderly who are most vulnerable. So that we can accommodate family members and friends who may not be able to attend, the Congo funeral home will provide free live streaming of services when requested. This will allow those of you who want to be a part of the Celebration of Life Service to be able to do so. This feature can be open to the public or specifically set up for only those you choose.

The Center for Disease Control has also suggested that everyone practice social distancing… staying at least 6 feet from one another. We are proud to say that we have the largest chapel of any local funeral home and can provide you and your family with the peace of mind to practice social distancing while also celebrating your love one's life in the way you desire. All of our chapels are equipped with sanitation stations to give further protection from spreading Covid-19 Coronavirus.

Also, in order to provide you and your family with more peace of mind, we offer funeral arrangements via video or virtually. This will allow family members who may be from out of town, working from their homes, or who just want to practice safety, to be a part of the funeral planning meeting

We appreciate your understanding and we know that this too shall pass. Together, we will get through these tough times. If you have any questions or concerns, please call us at 302 652 8887 or email us at

Thank you. Take care and be safe.

Sammy, Cherie, Trippi, Kim and the entire Staff of Congo Funeral Home

Funeral Program

Ways to Submit The Funeral Program

There are now two ways you may submit your loved one's obituary.  You may create the file in a word document and upload to us or use the form below to enter the information and send. 

Method 1: Funeral Program Upload

 This method are for ones that have prepared the funeral program in Word or an editing document and will like to submit to us one complete document.  All fields must be filled to submit the form.


Sample Obituary 

use to assist with writing


(Name of deceased), son/daughter of (name of parents), was born (date of birth) in (city, state). He/she departed this life (day, month, date, year), in the (name of hospital, nursing home or other place of death).

He/she received his/her early education in the public schools of (city, state) and graduated from (name of high school) in (year). While attending (name of school), he/she received special awards for (list outstanding accomplishments). After graduating from high school, he/she attended (name of college, finishing school or university,etc.), and received his/her (type of degree) in (month, year).

Some of our fondest memories  (here tell about the person)

He/She enjoyed ____________________.

Upon graduating from high school he/she enlisted into the United States (branch of service) and served his/her country well.

He/she received (list special honors) and an honorable discharged in (month, year).

        After his/her duty in the (branch of service), he/she became employed by (list employer and type of work done). He/she continued in this capacity until retirement in (month, year).

             He/she will be remembered for _______________________.

        In (year),he/she was united in Holy Matrimony to (name of spouse) (maiden name of wife)and from this union, (list first names of children) were born.

He/she was a member of (name of church, clubs, organizations) and served in the following duties: (list outstanding church/organization activities). He/she enjoyed (list activities/hobbies enjoyed by the deceased). He/she was a (tell something about the personality of the deceased).

        He/she leaves to cherish his/her memory: (this is where you list all living survivors such as spouse, children, stepchildren, mother, father, brothers, sisters,number of grandchildren, number of great-grandchildren, and then list any other relatives giving name and number of that you desire).


(Poem or favorite Bible verse).


Lovingly Submitted,

The Family

Method 2: Funeral Program
  • Step 1
    Details Of Order
  • Step 2
    Program (Cover/Inside)
  • Step 3
    Back of Program/Images

Front Cover


Order of Service

For Scriptures and Song Selections, please identify the name of the song as well as the person singing.  Exception will be for the Opening Hymn.

This is to copy paste, if you have specific instructions instead.

All Services Conclude with the following flow

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